Thursday, June 24, 2010


" Selina was someone everybody loved to be with. She always had a word of encouragement for you anytime you pay her a visit" This were the words George said when asked why she likes Selina soo much.

One thing I have realized as I grew was that every human being in one way or the other has something I call "A MAGNETIC ASPECT" of that person. It is what attract others to you. What pulls people to come around you all the time. Examples of these things are character, the way you smile, words that comes out of our mouth, beauty/facial looks, educational level, religious background, money and even our blogs etc. They are many and we all have at least one. You may decide to link it to a talent but that is slightly different from what am talking about here.

Now, having this magnetic aspect is one thing and how you use it is also another. The question is how do you use it? Is it for good or bad, positive or negative? What effect does your beauty, smile, character,educational level, money, the way you talk, the nice meals you can prepare etc have on those around you. That is what pulls them close to you and what value do you add to their lives anytime they come even if they stay for a minute? Do you talk to them about God, encourage them when they are down, give them that second hand they need in their life, help them to change from their bad character if there is any or you just move about telling everybody this or that is my friend for fame?

My magnetic aspect, your magnetic aspect, our magnetic aspect. That gentleman, lady etc you call a friend is around you for a reason. You attracted him or her with that unique magnetic aspect of yours. Use it effectively and positively and be a blessing to those around you and a Glory unto God. Matthew 5:16 should tell us something.

This is our weekend special. Have a blessed weekend and stay blessed.


  1. so very true. I've been thinking a lot about this lately as well.

  2. I must comment again to thank you for your encouraging comment. Your desire to encourage and uplift is your magnetic aspect. Continue to be blessed!

  3. Thanks for your comment Godsgalnj. I always appreciate your comments because they encourage me always to do more. God bless you for reading. Stay blessed.