Friday, July 02, 2010


Todays post is dedicated to God from the depths of my heart. I just don't know what to say but am very grateful to God for all He has done for me. I live on the last floor of a four storey building. I look down on the street especially during weekends when am at home and I see the dead being marched to the cemetary for burial.

From the first day of January 2010, I started thinking of the number of days we need to cover to reach the middle of the year. In my thoughts, it wasn't going to be easy but unknown to me, as the Bible said, thousand days is like one day before God. Soon, we have covered six months and we are in the middle of the year 2010 and its amazing. God has been faithful to me and I thank Him so much. I thank Him for the life of my family, my work, my life, my friends and everybody who in one way or the other is connected to me. I thank God so much for the lifes of all my blog readers. Am very grateful to God.

Throughout the six months we have covered in the year, I cannot say I have been sin-free. Surely, I have backslided in one way or the other, I have remained unfaithful in many ways to God but God has been faithful to me. I thank God so much for everything he has done for me. I wish I can show how emotional I am on this post but I am very grateful to God. I could have died or gotten myself involved in an accident but am alive. I have not spent a single day on the hospital bed this year and even from last two years and its all by His grace.

Again to you my blog readers, I say a big thank you to God for your life, the life of your friends and that of your family. Am happy to have you around. Some of you comment and I say thank you. Others I know read but don't comment and I say thank you as well.
Its my prayer that God will see us through the remaining six months of this year.
Have a blessed weekend till we read from each other.


  1. great post again, dear brother. God continue to bless you!