Thursday, July 15, 2010


We thank God for a successful world cup for the first time on African soil. Which ever stage your country got to, I say congratulations. I hope we were not just following it for the fun sake but learning lessons as well. This post seems to bring our attention to the lessons that appeared indirectly before and during the game and see how we can learn from it as much as possible.

First, do you remember how France qualified for the world cup? I don't know how much involved you are in football but please for the sake of our studies find out how they qualified to play at this year's world cup. They qualified with a controversial goal when they played against Ireland. Now that was before the world cup. When they came for the world cup, it was a disgrace. They did not even win a single match and there were so many reports of confussion at their camp. This tells us that Gods time is the best. We should learn to do everything fairly. We need not to rush in life to get things at all cost. We may be pushed to use evil ways and after we've had what we want the disgrace that follows will be unbearable. When its not your time, simply wait. God knows best and why. No need to rush or lean on your own understanding. Do not cheat or steal your way through. In all your dealings, be free from cheat. If I were to be a player of Ireland playing with France by then, I can't imagine my reactions after Thiery Henry himself confirmed the handball.

In life, things that were attained through foul means always disappear into thin air with no trace and sometimes or usually they come with their own troubles but never leave with them. The disgrace they carry along is huge. The shame is heavy. God knows best. All we need is patience. When it is your time, why not, you will get it. It happens everywhere whether in the bus, school, in our homes and more especially at our various work places when we need promotion etc. We do everything including telling lies etc about people so that we can get the chance to get to the top position when they are eventually sacked. Life is a step-by-step affair. No need to rush my sister or brother and also on the other hand when you are robbed off something, it hurts but never curse the one who robbed you or say eveil about him or her but thank God because for all you should know, God is saving you from a calamity or trouble that lies ahead. When God opens the door, no one dare shut it!!!

To be continued...............


  1. Well said, brother. I try to do that SO many times... and God does know what He's doing. I'm still struggling in my relationship with Him, surrendering my will is harder than ever - but I know He loves me and that He will help me to stop trying to push and instead wait on His timing. Great post!

  2. Thanks so much. Missed you and missed your encouraging comments as well. I must confess am struggling to and sometimes trying to do things on my own but no matter how unfaithful I am, God has forever remained faithful to me teaching me He created me and knows what is best for me so I should wait on Him. He knows our strenghts and weakness and will forever come to our aid with His streched hands to rescue us when we think all is lost. His time is the best.