Friday, July 23, 2010


What a day I had at the office today? So hectic with little time to rest or even eat. Anyway, that doestn't prevent us from learning, motivating each other and helping ourselves climb to the top. We are continuing our studies on the motivational lessons we can derive from events during the summer world cup.

Did you realize most of the "big teams" we were all expecting to win got eliminated on the way? If we are to ask ourselves which team we had in mind to win, most of us would have voted for Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France etc simply because their team had players who were generally accepted to be "stars". I doubt if some of you and even myself would have voted for my own small country, Ghana to reach the quater finals. Anyway, in life, we are all competing for something in one way or the other. It can be an interview, a game etc. Some of us don't even believe in ourselves to make it. We trust and look forward to others making it at our own expense. Forget about the so called "big names". They are human beings like you. There are some of us who are always afraid when we find ourselves in competitions and we end up crowning the opposition or our fellow competitors as winners even days before the competition itself starts.

As said in 1st Corinthians 9:24, run in such a way that YOU may win the prize. Don't conclude looking at the way you started. It may be poor but look to the prize that lies ahead. Put in your maximum effort. For all you should know, those you expect to win will miss it or even be eliminated on the way. Horses and chariots are prepared for war but as the Bible said, victory lies with the Lord. Stop crowning others because of their dressing, money, knowledge,fame etc and crown yourself. You deserve the crown to. I personally tipped Brazil or Argentina to win the world cup but finally, Spain won even after their poor start. A poor start doesn't mean all is over or lost as it happened to Spain when they lost their opening match. It is only an encouragement and a caution that you must put in more effort even though the final say lies with the Lord. We are all born winners so prepare to live a life of winners from today.

Have a blessed weekend and please eat very well before blowing my vuvuzela.
Stay blessed.

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