Monday, July 19, 2010


With so many imagination going on about how I look like in the mind of my readers, I decided to reveal myself today. This is a picture I took a week ago when I attended a wedding ceremony of a colleague I work with.

Do you want to know more about me, ask in the comment and I will tell you or you want more pictures? Don't worry, just ask.
With so many desires and wishes regarding who I want to be in future, I really want to be a motivational speaker and speak to both the youth and the old encouraging them to find a good thing in what they do or certain situations they find themselves in as well as to give them hope through the words of my mouth and put a smile back on their faces assuring them all is not lost and that there is someone up there who loves and cares for them. Its my heart desire now and achieving it will bring me joy. Anyway, I had a blessed weekend and I strongly believe yours was also a weekend of testimony.
Welcome to a new week, work hard, enjoy whatever you do, add value to someones life and stay blessed.

More ahead.......................


  1. may I post some comments here? :) - gem

  2. Feel free and comment. God bless you Gem.